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Parking availability and options at SMG managed American Bank Center


The American Bank Center Arena, and surrounding neighbors, offer a great deal of options for parking when attending events in our facilities.

Parking Availability: Parking located nearest the American Bank Center is at a premium, so come early for the best parking. The lots adjacent to the venues fill very quickly and all parking areas, including the satellite lots, are typically at capacity for major events. Additional parking can usually be located 3 – 4 blocks south of the area in privately-owned lots and curbside parking.

Parking Fees: Parking fees are in effect for all city-owned parking areas supporting the American Bank Center Arena, Convention Center, And Selena Auditorium. Rates for general admission parking are normally $5 per day, with special rates available for multiple-day events. Premium Parking Passes can be purchased in advance through Ticketmaster or the American Bank Center Box Office.

Parking: Parking may be available in American Bank Center Parking Lots.
Prices range from $5 for general parking to $10 for premium parking.
Prices may vary and are based on event.
Please note other privately owned and controlled lots may charge more.

Prices are clearly marked at the entrances to the parking areas. Special fees are in effect for tailgating, oversized vehicles, and longer-term parking. Please follow the instructions of the traffic and parking staff for directions to the next available parking areas.

RTA Bayfront Express: The Bayfront Express is available for select larger events. Attendees can park their vehicles and be shuttled to and from the front doors of the American Bank Center. Please visit ccrta.org for more information.

General Parking Information: SMG operates 16 city-owned or privately-leased parking areas within the Corpus Christi Sports, Entertainment, and Arts District. These lots provide 1,500 parking spots for the numerous cultural facilities, events and activities which occur within the district. In addition to the American Bank Center, the district is home to the CC Museum of Science and History, the South Texas Institute for the Arts, Harbor Playhouse, Heritage Park, Asiatic Cultural Center, and the Corpus Christi Visitor Center. Whataburger Field, the Solomon P. Ortiz International Center, and Old Concrete Street Amphitheatre are located directly adjacent to the district. In addition to these parking spaces, numerous privately-owned and independently-operated lots throughout the area bring the total parking capability to over 4,200 vehicles.